Cult of Luukos Tabard

Luukos demands that you spill Alliance blood and unite the Horde under his banner, he favors the bold, the cunning, the devoted, and the cruel - and these qualities always find favor in his eyes. However, all cultist are your brothers & sisters and deserve your respect, deify your family and face Luukos' wrath, through his own hand, or the blades of his Clergy.



Announcement: Zombies of Luukos March again! - Posted: Mon Dec 04, 2006
The Cult of Luukos is organizing World PVP event where we will be raiding an alliance city on Sunday December 17th at 7pm server time, location yet to be announced. We are recruiting all ROLE PLAYERS, who wish to attend.


Announcement: Your Blood, Your Glory, Your Bank! - Posted: Tue Oct 31, 2006 7:03 am
You are hereby, and henceforth, informed that the First Interdimensional Bank of Luukos is now open for business, serving both Azeroth & Outland.

Your personal banker, the gentleorc Bankoluukos, is available 24 hours a day via your mailbox and this, his most prestigious, forum.



Announcement: Welcome to the CoL new website design! - Posted: Tue Oct 31, 2006 7:03 am
Happy Halloween everyone, and welcome to your treat!

The website and forum have been completely redone. The old drab "temporary" designs were around far too long.



Announcement: Sunday runs planned for 1:00 and 6:00 - Posted Mon Oct 30, 2006
Ok so here's the deal. Sunday I am planning runs to LBRS at 1:00 and UBRS at 6:00. They have been posted on GEM, but for those that do not have GEM and want to go to either, just let me know and I will manually add you to the list. If for some reason we do not get 10 people for each, we will adjust and hit Scholomance, Stratholm, or Black Rock Depths.



Announcement: MANDATORY registration is required to post in this forum. - Posted Thu Oct 19, 2006
Due to the recent volume of spam bots posting in this forum (today I deleted 5 spam threads and while I was deleting, the spam bots were still posting! I had to delete more) mandatory registration is now required to post in this forum.





We are role playing mandatory and PVP encouraged. We will do some end game instances but it will NOT be our focus. We are a guild of an neutral to evil allignment, enjoying more of the Dark things in life.


Luukos welcomes ALL RACES into his blessing, who are willing to follow his teachings and worship him as their Lord. We are a tight-knit community made up of more than 90 active worshipers. We help each other as often as possible.

If you have questions or comments, please whisper to one of the founding members in the game: Deicide, Parasitic, Mujin & Angerona Learn more about your God.


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